Full-Service Capabilities

  • Social Media Management: AT Media Agency defines the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok (additional charge) etc. We take pride in the expertise we’ve gained over this service category. AT Media will create, publish, and analyze optimized content on the platforms of your choosing. Our service package also includes engaging, messaging, and interacting with other social media profiles on your page.

  • Targeted Growth Strategy: AT Media Agency will actively research, qualify and market to media profiles that fit your brand demographic and have the potential of resonating with you sustainably. Our team will fervently review tags, reposts along with other key identifiers to qualify said potential clients. Our goal is to grow brand awareness, as well as gain you new potential customers. During the targeted growth process, AT Media Agency will spend time each day directly targeting the set profiles for your account, in hopes to attract new followers and sales.

  • Graphic Design & Daily Stories: AT Media Agency will display professionally curated content, and making sure the brand stays relevant. Our graphic designer will create a style guides based on the brand’s aesthetics. That guide will be followed in all content creation. Daily engaged stories will be posted each day to make sure that your followers are always seeing your account actively and being reminded to order from your website / link in the biography. This engagement is key in driving organic algorithm growth within your online presence.

  • Influencer Marketing: AT Media Agency will manage all influencer appointments. We will leverage our influencer partnerships, reach out to new influencers directly and set appointments based on the most convenient schedule for all parties. We will follow up to ensure every influencer engagement is smooth and seamless during content creation and the brand is well represented.

  • E-commerce Review Management: Review management can nimbly be defined as the process of managing your online presence on Google My Business, Yelp, Delivery partners (UberEats, Etc) AT Media Agency will personally respond to every individual review that comes in. We will make sure that your customers always feel heard. AT Media Agency will also manage responsibility when corrective actions need to be taken on a negative guest review, and relay any guest issues to management.

  • GMB Suite of Services: AT Media Agency will post unique blog content and quality photos to Google My Business, leveraging algorithm knowledge to boost brand awareness. We want to make sure that we are reaching as many Google users as possible on every occasion available.

  • Email, Text & Mailer Marketing: AT Media Agency will create an email, text, and / or mail marketing campaign that caters to the unique goals described in discovery. AT Media Agency will leverage proprietary technology, and partners to effectively reach an expanded demographic on behalf of our partners. Does not include postage cost or material collateral.

  • Active Website Management, Search Engine Optimization & Blog Content Creation + ManagementOur website management program provides around the clock edits to your existing or AT created site. Unlimited edits are included, assuming they are reasonable. I.e editing a layout or event on the website. Full site edits will be priced separately. AT Media will create unique blog posts to provide content, and spike additional interest in your brand. A team member will craft blog topic ideas that are brand related. Once approved, we will publish content to personal blogs, websites, LinkedIn profiles, etc. AI keyword search engine optimization – Keyword Search is the past. AI Search is the future. We help deliver direct answers instead of a list of hyperlinks. AT Media utilizes three algorithms (versus keyword search’s one) to make sure no stone is unturned when scanning your Knowledge Graph and pulling from unstructured content — all to answer questions with the most relevant snippets.

  • Strategic E-commerce Ads: AT Media Agency will consult and manage your paid advertisements on Facebook, Google, Google Ad Words, Instagram, Yelp, ranging blogs, varying delivery platforms, etc in an effort to maximize your marketing spend and tangible returns. We will consistently monitor how your ad is preforming, and nimbly consult on strategic ad spend decisions for individual and macro ads.